Nate Berkus Show Update!

*An update to this post can be found here*

The episode of The Nate Berkus Show taping we went to on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) will be shown May 26th.  Read about and see our photos during the day of the taping by clicking here

The episode is called 'Schooled'.  Here are the episode details:

- Learn easy recipes you can master at home in Nate's Cooking School with Chef Cristina Ferrare! 
- Get your cooking down to a science with Chef Cristina Ferrare. Cristina shows everyone an easy recipe you can master at home in Nate’s Cooking School.
-Then, see how a house proud viewer restored a home in shambles and brought it up-to-date with little time and money.  
- Plus, find out what look is trending in your city and learn about how to social shop on line.
- And, Nate’s design class is in session—today’s lesson, bringing modern style to your home.

A quick recap:  We had a great time, got a copy Cristina Ferrare's book, won a t-shirt, met the family of the House Proud segment guest, and reconfirmed our modern style leanings.  Speaking of which more on the perfect couch drama will be posted soon!



Salvage Yard Finds

Memory is a funny thing... a few years back, before we were married, I was driving around with my best friend...  Tibby.
*sigh* we were so great together... hanging out, driving around aimlessly...
Sadly... on a cold, snowy, winter icy curve, no one could've known... but there, in my arms... I pushed with all my might...  thinking of the good times...

so, one day, somehow, just tootling on random backroads thru NJ listening to techno music we came across this awesome junk salvage yard and I said to myself, "Self, when you meet the right someone, and your life will be beyond all you could expect it to be with a wonderful home for your care-free time time of fun, idle crafts, & creative folly's... you will SO come here and clean house!"

... 6 years later...

Yesterday I said, "Self, and my super sexy wife married to myself, we are SO going to go to this awesome salvage yard, it was kinda' near this one road, or something, and the road had some lines but I think if I google map it, I'll be able to find it."  

A few hours later...

Ta-da!  I found it, again!  & we had time off from work so we went!  And they were open!

& this is what we found.
The bounty o' rusty finds!

Chantel Cloutier eat your heart out.

Rachell Ashwell eat Chantel Cloutier's heart out!

Bunny Williams, Nate Berkus, see the above.

Rusty IS beautiful, but paint preserves longer.

Such wonderful patina.

Such flightful birdlike action!


Before & after.

Crafts are most fine with wine.  Also, most fun with wun!

Shabby & Chic.

Vintage tin roses made in England.

The reverse of the tin.

Made in England stamp.  Isnt' that orange rust & bluing just hypnotic!

Half moon crafts on a May afternoon in NJ.

Shabby Chic white on a blue tarp.

Up close, up top on the tin plate roses.

Up close, down stem on the tin plate roses.

Simon from a Chandelier perspective.

So much woodland for so many birdbaths.

Beautiful bird bath pedestal base.

Close up of beautiful bird bath pedestal base.

 Bird bath pedestal.

Close up of the other beautiful bird bath pedestal base.

Close up of beautiful bird bath pedestals.

Close up of beautiful acorn oak leaf bird bath pedestal.

Close up of beautiful rose bird bath pedestal

Mossy stumps make the best coasters.

Green, before.  Black, after.

3 years of the same painted jeans and 5 years married :-)
Such a dramatic transformation.

Paint samples.

Bunny Williams, we thank you.