Thanksgiving is for the birds

This blue heron? stopped by while we were taking a break from watching the parade on tv this morning to literally peek in our windows and much to our [speechless-incoherent-blabbering-ooh-oH!-get-the-ooh!-the-OH!-camera!] surprise, wish us a Happy Thanksgiving!
Despite looking young, was it just us or is this guy/gal 6 feet tall to be peeking in our window?
Maybe just joy riding in our yard on such a nice day from a more typical nearby habitat like the Great Swamp or from the Washington Valley Park reservoir?
Sadly, the split tree from the October snow storm is gone but we hung a bird house near by so there's something cute to view and the heron stopped by to check it all out.

We are turkey free here so this post is literally going out to the birds...  
Happy Thanksgiving!
 Cedar Waxing just above the feeder
 Cedar Waxwing party in the birdbath


Birdhouses, from this post, are now hanging

 Downy or Hairy Woodpecker?

 Mourning Dove
 Red Bellied Woodpecker
Fuzzy tail bird aka squirrel

So very thankful for all the many trees and their leaves that we still have after the storm.
Time for appetizers!
 The cheese course

Making cranberry & quince sauce

 Chilled & delicious
Our Turkey

Zoom of the doily
 Quorn Turkey Roast, yum!!!

Broccoli & Brussels
 Gravy with mushrooms
 Marshmellows over sweet potato
 Dancing & making plates

 Almost forgot... cornbread!
 Would like to let you know we ate the whole damn thing...
Dreaming before Black Friday Sales...

... it seemed like it was all so real...
But then the sun went down...
 & the lights came on!