Grilling veggies and veggie burgers at night

Corningware trays of portobello mushroom burgers, eggplant, zucchini & brussel kebabs.

Big hunks of egglplant and yellow squash alongside red onions  kebabs

Dining Room Tour

An adorable water color picked up at Not Too Shabby NJ

Varied lighting changes.

A cast iron fence post urn with peonies for a table setting

The hutch to hold all of the royal bits on display.
Here's the post full of Before and After photos in its transformation.

Tea cups for birthdays
The royals rescued from various cupboards & hidden nooks.

A record by Gisele MacKenzie and a crown for a crock.

Several layers of lace and legs.

The table was $15 at an estate sale, given a fresh sand & coat of white
We left the trim around the pedestal and tabletop edge in their original black paint.

Looking into the living room.

Looking into the dining room.

The chandelier.

Updated from glass to real crystals - hence all the rainbows.

Really ought to photo when the sunrise comes in, the flash does no justice.

Into the living room.

The living room sofa and coffee table.

Living Room Tour

Cosette getting sleepy on the Shabby Chic squishy chair and Ballard's Bee pillow.

We got this great 3 drawer rope tassle dresser at Salvation Army for $25.
Debated painting it but love the patina, scuffs and dings.

Thru the looking glass are framed rose botanical prints from a book.

These sconces have since moved to the family room.

These chairs were one of our first great estate sale finds
and have had several seat cushion changes.

Another but smaller cast iron urn, a music box, and a pitcher.
We matched the grey paint the sewing table came with from the Annual Period Antiques sale
at the Andrew Ten Eyck House.  This was Martha Washington's table... when the kids came by for tours.
Each chair has one of each of these faces,
making each feel unique but also as a pair with unexpected symmetry.

Our coffee table - an old armoire door

the hinge

Attached to an old metal garden coffee table for the right amount of balance.

Looking into the foyer

Extendable library table found at a yard sale for $10.

Again, loved the patina - no heart to paint it,
so that it anchors the other end of the room and the rope tassel dresser.

Rose marble top two drawer side table commode
painted to mirror the "Martha" sewing table.

Beautiful wood veneer inlay work and rosettes.

Its like watching clouds roll by

Bud chandelier wall sconces found at Julian Gage in Oldwick, NJ.

Looking out at the dogwood tree in the front yard.

View from the foyer, welcome home indeed.

Layers of bamboo shades and curtains to work with the western sun
and give us great lighting effects.