A music post

We said we'd post music so anyways, away from the house stuff...

Currently, as I type this, I'm listening to The Platina - The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

& as of late we've been listening to (thanks to our local library - go check yours* out!)

Cage the Elephant - I cannot begin to say enough about their album Thank you, Happy Birthday.  Absolutely amazing.  The music and lyrics are well crafted, I couldn't believe Flood, Alan Moulder or Butch Vig didn't have a finger in producing this!  It's Nirvana stripped down like Bleach, yet Beatles mature, plus Fugazi and Sonic Youth raw.  An outstanding endeavour!

Rave On Buddy Holly   (youtube commerical link)
Fav tracks are by:
Florence & the Machine -(highly anticipating Ceremonials! addicted to love & don't let go for now) it totally feels like bare foot in the grass, drunken educated haze of New Orleans bayou to Florida's-swampy-raised above ground funeral plots, as the visual would suggest, and it's only now as I post this that I see the video here and get confirmation that the director heard the same sound.
Paul - the dude goes Helter Skelter nuts
Kid Rock (did not see that coming - it is damn good dirty horn blues of his roots with a nice but could've been longer mississippi river slide guitar; the deltas are shrinking, only fair i s'pose)

The entire Buddy Holly tribute is fabulous, worth several listens, infact, have now purchased it we like it so much ... don't think us to be just some library moochers, we're just prudent consumers.

Now then, contemplate this about Mr. Buddy Holly - the guy died at 22.  So, you wanted a hit?  Well, hits are what he do.

Next up, there was lots of pop we liked lately and think totally should've beat the Radio GooGoo to the sidelines as far as producing, lyrical and musical content are concerned (minus Bad Romance, Poker Face and Just Dance)

Ellie Golding - Etheral pop bliss that gets it right with happy/sad-in-love-rejected like a Pet Shop Boy lyric.
Little Boots - More pop bliss that evokes carefree but sentimental and well thought out contemplative pop to get you out of your funk.  I love the Fred Falke Remix of New in Town
Florrie - sadly, no full album yet to literally check-out but really anticipaint, so not found at the library but again another Fred Falke remix to die for.
Marina & the Diamonds - witty and vocals like XTC - hopefully more to come!
Ke$sha - "i'm so sick of being serious, it's making my brain delirious."   100% guilty pleasure.
Goldfrapp - meh.  Droning on chill-wave / bad-Kraftwerk synth boredom.  A complete departure from previous albums (leaving this one up to you to investigate) that don't help the artist's continuity.

I'm not sure why we checked out the Vampire Diaries soundtrack but there were some good tracks:
Placebo's cover of Running up that Hill - the classic Kate Bush song - we last heard it and are still stunned by Mpho's (you must click this of all the links), but this one is good too with a more gothy / rock / steampunkish vibe.
Really super duper dug the Silversun Pickups song Currency of Love.  Vocals are out of breath like Wheatus but way more intense and passionate/serious with the complementary dramatic sonic guitars mirroring legends like Urge Overkill and some Smashing Pumpkins songs like Geek U.S.A.   & what about Smashing Pumpkins contribution to the album?   Great but not excellent, still ripped it though, the guitars were plucky dirge like the Killers so no complaints.  The rest of the album, just not us, but do give it a whirl as soundtracks are known to please.  i.e Twintown, Forrest Gump, Until the End of the World, The End of Violence, etc.

We dug two tracks by the Ravonettes, 'Breaking into Cars' & 'Last Dance' from their album In & Out of Control but not much else on other albums we borrowed.

Pulled out Tori's To Venus & Back - Disc 1 - wow powerful [understatement] stuff.  (How did this not get ripped to the computer previously?  Couldn't find the source disc either)   This one and her previous chronological album From the Choir Girl Hotel are really some of the best representative and mature works of productions where Tori hits her stride.  Really anticipating her September release of Night of Hunters.  Hopefully she'll be more musical and less 'clever' than past albums.

I liked the Beasties instumental The Mix-Up but despite the addition of vocals and lyrics the music still had me more on Hot Sauce #2

This evenings update comes courtesy of the disappointing A Perfect Circle Needs Money To Pay Back Our Creditors Recession Tour of 2011... how else to explain touring an album from 2004, a lucky 7 years later  I'd love to know the leverage there.  'Stick 'em up and tour or your vineyard gets it!'  We realized the set list in advance based on other shows and cut our losses by selling our and nixing proping up the economy by staying/eating in the city.  Oh well, we'll go to Green Flea another time and report back soon.  No worries, its more than ok, we had Merkin Shinola instead and it was sonically, earthy good.

*you pay for it in taxes so go to your local library and get your money's worth!  Ours shares county wide, it's an awesome resource for all things, like this blog, dealing with: music, books, gardening, style, decorating, crafts, projects, back yard nature habitats, cats, Nj/NYC.

Currently, as I type this, I'm listening to Johnny Cash cover of Rusty Cage by Soundgarden.