Terrariums... again!

New lessons learned - picking up where the terrariums left off from last time..

1.  Packed in too many ferns & moss in the larger containers.  So while less is a bore, more... is too much sometimes.  Slightly less is just right; but really no less or no more.  Everyone is happily replanted within their own spaces.

2.  Getting the moss & fern soil mix right was a bit tricky on the first time but since the second round it has been just right.  Adding in the spaghnum moss mixed with the soil really helps the soil and glass from getting overly wet, which the moss like for a drier habitat, but the terrarium itself needs watered maybe slightly more for the ferns to be truly happy.

3.  We like the house to be cold in summer, especially for sleeping, well, moss and ferns do not.  So there'll be some thermostat negotiations... by winter everyone should be quite pleased.

The latest how-to pics are inside here...


Ev'rything is satisfactual

The dogwood in the front yard has one naked branch
that needs to be pruned.
But a certain blue bird loves to perch on it year round.
So, the branch remains for our blue bird visitor. 

The blue bird hung around for thirty minutes so there's many more photos from various angles inside....

Cute wildlife in the yard

A baby hawk stretches it's wings on a telephone poll nearby, a baby deer eating clover, a wren over watching it's house, and a orangy yellow butterfly in the front garden...

The pictures are inside...

More fun bits!

Another great weekend of cool finds!

A cute basket, tea cup set, pottery, winter holiday cards and decorations, plus other various bits ... 
...$12.00 total.
Close ups inside...... 


New dresser & side table make waves

Picked up this great dresser at Tess Home, it's the entire reason to go to the beach off-season.  Ok, well, that it's easier to get in line for fries at the boardwalk and the beach isn't crowded is just an added bonus.

Summer and the crowds totally crush waves like this, gotta go off season.

more of each below the fold....


Spotted shell wreath update + Chalk Board mirror

Remember the spotted shells that started this adventure?   Well, here is the final + a great reveal on an old mirror turned into a chalk board.
Awww, so cute!
This old mirror is now a chalkboard.
The bonus to painting mirror vs wood
is the satisfying chalk tck, tck, tck, noise
as you write on it like slate.
A cute hook to hold a haversack of chalk.
Full view, chalk & board.

Portobello Burgers

A few weekends ago we just drooled watching Primal Grill on the Create Channel.  The episode called "Vegetarians on the Grill' was right up our alley... this is our variation on Steven Raichlen's Chipotle Portobello Burgers.
Marinating in the corningware.

Cooked bottom of the portabello

Layers top to bottom:  gloucester cheese, grilled poblano pepper,
jersey tomato, avacado, habenero & yellow squash marinade.

Our variation and more pics....

I'll have a Bluuue, Blue, Blue, Juuuly

Found these sun faded ornaments and thought they looked more summery than icy... and if you do get a chill you're probably loving it right now.

see more pics plus check out the continuing theme in the form of hand embroidered linens...


The perfect foyer piece & tulips

Finally!  The perfect piece for the foyer.  Finally, separate drawers for keys and sunglasses plus homes for decorating & displaying seasonal stuff.

We wonder if its function was meant to be a bar?

The stamp on one of the drawers says
Garret Q. Packer
Furniture & Bedding
23, 25, 27 & 29 Park Ave.
Plainfield, NJ

Looking online the building is now a fast food chicken joint and maybe apartments.  Also found a few advertisements for it too but not linking to them as in pdf format, but easy to find out there if interested.

It's tall enough to hold flowers so a certain Baby Henri doesn't eat them and a certain Cosette Henrietta doesn't dig thru the dirt.

Photos of tulips...

Photos of the cats

More photos of the cats


Getting caught up part 1

Photos of sunrises, birds, chippies, squirrels, Chuck, and planting a Vanderwolf Pine tree on Earth Day.

Updated terrarium attempt

This was attempt #2.  A fun day on the deck in the shade.

New found treasures

Treasures found at various estate sales on a weekend hunt and also from Salvaged Home Goods in Easton, PA.
Treasures all gathered.
... more fab finds ...

... and the living is easy


Updated deck and sunporch photos

Even with a delicious glass of Pimm's No.1 the deck looks tawdry and parched. 
 But a new coat of dark stain quenches the thirsty wood!
Photos of the sun porch.

Terrarium lessons learned

These are photos of the first attempt at making terrariums using the moss and wild ginger from the back yard.    
Really wanted to also bring in some of the Trout Lilly but their root structure was terribly difficult to parse and coax out of the dirt so I let it be in their woods.  See you next spring Trout Lilly!
All dressed up on the coffee table for photos, not their perm home due to the bright light.
So, beautiful as the terrariums photographed after being made... only one made it.  The rhizome and roots of some of the ginger appear to be intact so really hoping that they will come back in their newly planted homes.

Helpful guides I should've read more vs just looking at West Elm and trying to replicate.

Lessons learned and more photos: