Updated terrarium attempt

This was attempt #2.  A fun day on the deck in the shade.

Mixing dirt and rocks.

What up snail!
Layer of carbon on the rocks.
More carbon
Dry sphagnum moss.
The ferns in the background will go into glass enclosures with lids & some moss.
Instead of backyard moss this time and tackling random bugs and grasses
I soaked this cleaned mood moss from Pottery Barn.
Clearance, score!
Bath for the moss with distilled water.
Soak the top by letting it float.
Then submerge briefly.
Squeeze out and let sit a bit while prepping the containers.

Ah, if only could float on a boat of moss on a lazy afternoon.
Learn your moss types
Sizing up the moss for the jar.
Judging space for the snail, the wild ginger will go in front.
Hopefully these ginger will come back.
Ginger jar with ferns and moss close-up view.
From above, two ferns and some mosses.
At home in the living room...
will post more of the final terrariums completed later.............