Terrariums... again!

New lessons learned - picking up where the terrariums left off from last time..

1.  Packed in too many ferns & moss in the larger containers.  So while less is a bore, more... is too much sometimes.  Slightly less is just right; but really no less or no more.  Everyone is happily replanted within their own spaces.

2.  Getting the moss & fern soil mix right was a bit tricky on the first time but since the second round it has been just right.  Adding in the spaghnum moss mixed with the soil really helps the soil and glass from getting overly wet, which the moss like for a drier habitat, but the terrarium itself needs watered maybe slightly more for the ferns to be truly happy.

3.  We like the house to be cold in summer, especially for sleeping, well, moss and ferns do not.  So there'll be some thermostat negotiations... by winter everyone should be quite pleased.

The latest how-to pics are inside here...

Wait, wait, small diversion... Early in the spring we tried some various bulbs in pots with no luck.  But some natural (& free!) cuties have settled in on their own and making a nice show themselves.  Probably weeds but who cares when the deer aren't eating them!

Everything's ready to go, let's terrarium!

Let's go boss, let's bring it all in!


The end!