Hot Day Cool Stuff

Not even the hottest days of the year could keep us down.

Check out this absolutely soaked Cat Bird taking a cooling bath followed by a Flicker showing off in the bright sun while tipping back it's head for a cool drink.

We couldn't just hibernate despite the forecast calling for several inches of 100 degree heat everywhere so Friday night we went out to stock up on essentials to brace the heat wave and craft inside.  

We spotted some spotted seashells last weekend in Princeton - but which store we saw them, not a clue.  

This calls for a road trip in the Subaru Legacy.  Sunroof open, windows down, & music up!

Where did we see them?  Marshalls?  West Elm? Pottery Barn?  Michaels?  Target?  (Let's stop at Wegmans & get some veggie sushi rolls while we're here)  Home Depot garden area?  Aquarium stuff at the Pet Smart?  Let's try Home Goods?  Score! 

Love the reflective glow the light catches.
... & then some!  
A cute woven wreath.
Spotted decorative bowl.
Coming soon, not only the latest Terrarium pics but
the ultimate large container!  Can't wait... for the
heat to go so I can start!
Friday night we relaxed & watched Vanessa Redgrave in Letters to Juliet.

Saturday, back out in the heat!  Two estate sales locally & then to 2nd Dibs in Chatham.  Wow, what a day of cool stuff on the hottest day of the year.  & so love it's possible because not only does the AC kick in the Subaru Outback but we can haul all this great stuff too!  All finds below are from estate sales except for the wild-flower oil painting, blue rustic side table, and white glass 3 foot pedestal table - which were from 2nd Dibs.

Cute tattered night stand for the sunporch
to hold the record player and CDs.
So many smells!
This is the back of the drawer.  Love the wood grain
and the crooked primitive machine cuts.
2nd Dibs in Chatham is full of finds and if you're striking out on a weekend of estate sales or yard sales or just need inspiration from all the drab inventory in catalogs or online, then go there!  We also go the great oil painting of wild flowers there too... see close-ups below...
What a nice pop of blue.  The inside cream almost
 matches the Ballet White color of our walls.
Woven reed broom, perfect for Hall-O-Weeeen!
Where is that little black cat when you need him?
Peg-board how-to for boy & girl scouts.
Paint the peg white, tie the knots & soon it'll be a fun
nautical wall art to be enjoyed by all on the sun porch.

Cute plate for Fourth of July... next year.
Old worn shabby chic linens
Slubby wrinkled and worn beauty.
Yummy details!

.25 cents, this'll be a great table display bowl.
Another Hall-o-ween treat, a cute box with great graphics
that couldn't be passed up.

I like the waffle weave,
wonder if a sticker was there?
Bottom of the jar mark... 87?  
The neat waffle weave jar (left) is for future terrarium.
A jar of obsidian - volcanic glass (right) for
future terrarium filler.
When held to light they're translucent.
The thicker ones don't shine thru as much.

A fun hand made jar made by Leo.
Should hold flowers just right.
Speaking of flowers, this oil painting was just too tranquil
and outright pretty to pass up with it's pops of color.
Another cheery treasure found unexpectedly at 2nd Dibs.  We just love oil paintings and this one is such a mood booster hanging in the hallway outside of our bedroom doorway to greet us each morning.

Ropes? Twines?  Center piece?  A wreath starter projecta?
Don't know the intention it was made for...
Any ideas?
We are patient and we wait for the perfect branches to fill our Nesting Ranch and this corner has taken some time... but surprise again! 2nd Dibs had THE piece to fill that spot.  This white glass table top on an elegantly detailed 3-foot pedestal was just right.  The fluting in the column carries on the characteristics of other tables and chair legs in the room and is such the perfect match, fit, and scale for the room.  The glass reflects a soft glow of natural light in the early morning and evenings that it doesn't become a dark recessed distraction demanding attention.  Just perfect!

A cute metal end table with white glass top
 to anchor that side of the living room finally.
Details galore!

The full monty!