... and the living is easy


Love how the sunrise luminates (or is it illuminate) the trees.
We thought this was a random (and mutant!) lambs ear but to our surprise it is mullein.
Vines climbing by the barberry.
Not sure who this is, worrried it may be poisonous like oak though.
Love the shades of green.
Cabbage white and bumbles in the lavender.
A great contrast on the boxwood.

Various fruits & veggies from Bardy Farms

A soaking rain in the sun.

Crazy to see the road so flooded so suddenly.

It didn't last long.

Flooding around the picnic table outback.

Worm rescue!
Safely in the basil.
Ducks in Belvidere, NJ across from Water Street Antiques.

So cute!!!
Baby deer in the backyard.

Hey, your yard tastes great!
Chipmunk bird in the feeder!
This clever downy woodpecker found a way into the finch feeder
by turning around then leaning backwards upside down.
Chipmunk on an old ironwood stump.
Love the greys of the catbird.