Getting caught up part 1

Photos of sunrises, birds, chippies, squirrels, Chuck, and planting a Vanderwolf Pine tree on Earth Day.

Real crystal makes the chandelier and the sunrise sparkle.

A hawk looking around.
Mr. Cardinal in the forsythia yet to bloom.
Mr. Cardinal sharing a treat with Ms. Goldfinch.
Purple Finch?  and someone else?
Such a pretty brown & grey combo.
Mourning Doves warming up on a chilly morning.
Love that dark black eye against the light dove color.
Doing the uh, uh, pigeon.

Grackles and crows.

Red wing black bird and a robin.
This was the first year we got a red wing black bird. 

Downy woodpecker sharing with the goldfinch.

Just love the NJ state bird!

Despite their shrill call, such a pretty bird the Blue Jay.
Out front in the dogwood tree.
In the back yard.
Tree filled with birds.
A closer look, surrounded by budding leaves.
We now wire shut these feeders.
Amazing these squirrels and their feats.
The little back-foot in the air makes me laugh.
All that work makes a thirsty squirrel.
Chuck with his mouth full.
So brown this spring, thinking because of the mild winter we had.

Chuck among the blood root flowers.
What up Chuck?!

Happy Earth Day Vanderwolf Pine!
The deer won't eat it but we fenced it to keep one
inconsiderate dog owner from getting too close.
Chipmunk kisses.
We built a small firepit with brick for the autumn chill.
Poor guys weren't happy we took it apart
but they got to play awhle.

A pair of wrens moving into their new home right outside
our bedroom window.
Got this at a rummage sale, love the golf tee door step.