Christmas 2013 Decorating

We had some terrific snow fall before Christmas to really set the mood and make the tree in the front yard very dramatic.
This was also a first year we tried a Christmas tree inside... success!  A fake tree, set on a table, and not a cat did care.
Here are more photos of decorating and the snow...

Thanksgiving Dinner and Decorating 2013

This year we had Quorn Turk'y Roast from Wegmans and a Tofurky from ShopRite.  This year was a completely vegan Thanksgiving.  Deeelish!
top - quorn turk'y // bottom - tofurky

Quorn Turk'y
Also included are decorating with pumpkins, the deer getting the spoils, some fun bird photos at the feeder, and of course, the cats.
more photos....

Catching up... with a very talkative goat

Must be time off of work, so we're catching up on uploading photos...
.... and hearing what this one goat had to say on a trip to the Philly Zoo in early November.
more photos and videos at the Philly Zoo...