Thanksgiving Dinner and Decorating 2013

This year we had Quorn Turk'y Roast from Wegmans and a Tofurky from ShopRite.  This year was a completely vegan Thanksgiving.  Deeelish!
top - quorn turk'y // bottom - tofurky

Quorn Turk'y
Also included are decorating with pumpkins, the deer getting the spoils, some fun bird photos at the feeder, and of course, the cats.
more photos....

ghost pumpkin in the middle

homemade cranberry sauce
super easy - try this at home!

Brussels with pomegranate

Roasted cauliflower and carrots

Quorn, fresh out of the oven

Tofurky with sage from our garden and veggie chunks

stuffed mushroom with spinach and artichoke
Corn bread stuffing
Mashed potato

fresh green beans

Someone was not up for a group photo

blue bird