Finally repaired and painted: Our Nesting "Beachy cottage-London influenced-Shabby chic-Nestled in the mountain woods-Informal garden style" Ranch!

Finally, all the Sandy Damage repaired over the winter, we then had to decide what colors to pick for the house so as to make the old siding and new siding match.  

Since the house was originally white before getting covered in harvest gold aluminum siding we decided on white.  Mind you, we like the texture of the wood grain in our aluminum siding which is why we decided not to replace it all, just not the color.  

Then after our trip to London, seeing all of the cottages and white-on-white town homes, the decision for white siding with white shutters accented by black hardware - we finally were prepared to paint in the spring

We slid the paint swatch cards into the plastic packaging on the new shutters.  Then we painted an old piece of siding from the damage so we could compare in different light.

Our final decision was Sherwin Williams Cay Blue paint sample for the front door.  Alabaster White on the siding. 
Rainbows courtesy the sunrise hitting our chandelier.
 & spring came along but it was a very cold spring that it snowed again and was too cold to paint...
Snow in late April
So we waited for the first warm day and finally had the painters start painting the house white.
See how the hyacinths pop against the background!
Then we all took a few weeks months of a break before finishing the painting of the front door and putting the shutters with hinges up due to:
a) the tree pollen
b) cicada invasion
c) waiting for a new storm door - which got put on backwards by the installer
d) waiting for a second new storm door
e) all of the above

.... and here's how it all turned out!  More photos....
We arrived home one evening to find our house in process of being painted!

We painted the shed ourselves to match the house.

Inspired by the Peony's we inherited.

And then finally after the break we painted the front door
Amazing how much the garden grew in.

Cay blue by Sherwin Williams