Birds photos in April and May with our new Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole

Here are some bird photos we snapped in April after having installed our new bird feeder pole which has been soo great (sorry deer, sorry squirrels)

Oh, but first, one of the cutest birds - a female Blue Bird **Correction: this is a female Eastern Towhee** - puffed up on a chilly day getting seed that wouldn't fit in the feeders when refilling so just put it on the deck and picnic table.

More bird photos from our great new bird feeder pole...
Female Cowbird and Male Cowbird
Male cowbird
Male Cowbird - some of the prettiest bird songs ever!
Scary grackle eye
This guy has the coolest markings...
... so very Hitchcock and/or Halloween!

Pileated Woodpecker in action on an old stump
 Check out the video of the Pileated Woodpecker you can see the new feeder pole at the end.

Really rips it up on this one

Call of the Pileated Woodpecker

Mourning Dove
A very soggy and wet Mourning Dove after a heavy rain storm trying to dry out...

Here's a quick video of the above photos but unfortunately the camera got blurry because it was focusing on the trees in the background, but you can hear how cute the birds are at least... and the start of the cicadas!

And this is a video of a goldfinch singing by the house.

Disclaimer - we're not being paid or compensated for the following but for a quick second just need to rave a bit about our new bird feeder pole.

The deer and squirrels have been forever clearing out our feeders, especially over winter.  I feel for those guys, I really do, but bird seed is expensive and besides, the deer eat everything that is supposed to be resistant anyways.  Here is THE solution.  It's a 10 ft pole, more expensive than I initially wanted to spend, but with a baffle, four hooks for feeders, and easy to install... the utility derived is well worth it.
Check out the Deer Proof Bird Feeder from Backyard Wild Birds.

We've located the feeder pole ten feet away from the roof (so squirrels can't jump to it) near the kitchen and dining room windows and can watch while washing dishes or eating breakfast. We love it, the cats love it, oh and the birds love it too.