Barn Wood Mantle

We really wanted a new mantle and are so fortunate a like-minded soul and dear friend just so happens to own a barn with old barn wood to spare!

After assessing the situation a few days going over measurements, then triangulating checks and balances of various online searches we engineered how to mount the beam to our existing brick fireplace.
Next we purchased necessary supplies from the hardware store: metal french cleats, masonry screws, masonry bit, ear plugs, and a hammer drill.

An early mock up looks ok even though it tilts too much...
but in sizing things up... way too much of a gap.
That's better, sitting flush now.
Two french cleats that can hold 200lbs each oughta do it.

Carefully trimmed the beam to give a natural worn appearance.
And not let the profile feel too polar from the functional notch on the other end.
Interlocking post beam