Guessing Game on the Sea of 'G'

G... e... l? v?  e... R?
Why is the 'R' at the end capital?  Geve R.?
We had an idea we wanted an ocean or sea painting but didn't think we'd find one so easily or quickly.
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A few weeks back, during the time we were putting the mantle together, we took a trip out one Saturday morning to Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville, NJ and found a dramatic oil painting of the ocean.

Not sure how old it is or the quality but we like it in all its missing bits of paint and wrinkled canvas. It ebbs and flows between mighty sea and calm waters reflecting the sun... rising or setting - you get to choose.

Left side
Left side up close
Right side
Then like a story you hear people tell on Antiques Roadshow....

One evening, while watching Antiques Roadshow, we noticed the 'G' of the signature on our painting looked eerily similar to the one on TV....

George Vicat Cole signature screenshot from Antiques Roadshow
not George Vicat Cole
But upon closer inspection the only similarity seems to be the letter 'G' is present - not that it shares the same style.  So close, yet, so far... like Wilson, out of reach on the waves... 

The subject matter on the show wasn't nearly similar either as it was a pastoral farm landscape but we did find in our online search learning about Cole that he painted at least one similar sea or ocean scene.  
Not a big value but not too shabby either.
Regardless of the artist it is picture perfect.  Thanks, Gever?  Glever? Geve R.?