Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie book signing event in NYC

We had a lovely, sweet, intimate evening at Rachel Ashwell's Couture Prairie book signing event at her Wooster Street store in NYC this evening.
Posing with Rachel
Couture Prairie book on our coffee table at home.
more pics....

The weather was perfect: mild temperatures with dramatic grey textured skies that made all the autumn foliage pop along our way to the Holland Tunnel.  The store's renovated structures really evoked the Prairie aesthetic but was filled with the essential Shabby Chic couture Rachel is known.  After signing books awhile Rachel spoke to the audience about the great 25 year journey she has made with the Shabby Chic brand, the origins of the moniker, and the very personal inspirations, be it melancholy reflections or can-do dedication of long days, behind the ever evolving concept that brought the crowded room together.  It was a casual easy-going evening with mason jars filled with spiced bourbon mixed with relaxed conversation all while surrounded by comfort and luxury.  Yet also an invigorating night to hear about the ongoing 10 year relationship with new Target products as well as newer exciting ventures like the Prairie concept and partnerships with Farrow and Ball for classic, well textured wallpaper treatments.  Stepping into the gentle misting rain after some further one-on-one conversation with Rachel about her methods and principles of Out-West-meets-London-Girl-alchemy that influence her was just right walking out onto the now sparkly and shiny cobblestone streets.  It really set the mood to go home and have some chamomile tea.

Enjoying the world of prairie in our Nesting Ranch
Surrounded by taffeta....
.... and linens too
What a cute stool!  ... Where have I seen something similar?
At home of course!