Easy no fuss tips on how to hang a picture

Sometimes hanging a picture is a real pain because it comes with these things to hang the frame that are far more complicated than necessary.

If you have an alternative craft for these things, we'd love to know because we just put them in the recycling.  Sometimes we save the nails cos they're pretty cute little nails.
 Read more on an easy picture hanging tutorial...

 Size it up, where do you want the picture to hang?  
The frame doesn't need to be exact left to right, just sorta there about - you'll be able to do adjustments of whatever it is you're framing once done.  In this case it's a reproduction of an old Ransomes lawn mower ad.
This picture frame has a nice lip / edge for the technique about to be shown.  

If your frame doesn't have a nice lip / edge then get some picture wire and use that instead... 
but the technique below will still be the same... 
and be sure to put those thingys that come with the frame in the recycling.
uneven level
Get your level - and if you don't have one with a magnet on it, might be time to trade up.  

Stick your nails to the magnet and hold it to the wall.  The nails can be any estimated distance from one another just not too close but don't go wider than your frame.  

Once level, knock the nails in with one or two taps.  Then angle the nails upward 45 and tap into the wall so you can hang the frame on the nice and even ledge.
like the third bowl of porridge... just right
 Once the picture is on the nails you can slide the picture left or right until it is aligned with the wall or other nearby photos.  And now there are two pictures hanging in a nice even grouping and the frames look perfectly spaced and aligned!

Here is an old photo of the family room where we used this method on multiple bird lithographs and hung the pictures in 5 rows and 2 columns.