12 days of no power or heat - Hurricane Sandy pics

We spent 12 days no power / heat.  For two nights when the snowy NorEaster came thru we were very fortunate to be able to get a hotel room nearby that would also let us bring our cats.
Here are the photos.....
Before the storm photos while cleaning the gutters.

Hurricanes - the perfect excuse not to rake!

Photos from the roof before the storm moving the camera counter-clockwise from the North.

The storm was very scary, we locked ourselves and the cats in the hallway bathroom taking turns sleeping in the tub and listening to the AM radio while watching weather radar on our phones for when it would end.  We would've hunkered down in the basement but not having bilco doors decided staying upstairs made the most sense.
At 7p the power went out.
Photos after the storm, to include a birthday, and the cats trip to a hotel for two nights during the snowstorm that came thru to add insult to injury.
We got lucky, only one tree hit the house causing minor damage.  And the pine tree in the front yard saved our home yet again for the second year in a row.

 Birthdays must go on!

Trip to the hotel for NorEaster Snow Storm

Photos at stores before the storm...