Resources for finding a new tree

We're on the hunt for a new front yard tree.   Got any recommendations?
Here's some terrific online resources found so far to help in our due diligence ...

How to maintain and keep healthy Backyard Woods

What to do about dead trees in the yard

Managing the Woods - Top 10 FAQ

A Tree Owners Manual

Resources for Homeowners (Tree selection, buying high quality trees, planting trees in design built landscapes, how to prune, avoiding tree conflicts like powerlines)

Can we Landscape to accommodate deer?  

Deer resistance by Rutgers

Selecting Urban Trees and Shrubs (we're not technically urban - but with figuring in global warming it seems that anywhere under 2 hours to NYC most likely ought to reconsider themselves as urban)

Trees and Ice Storms - The development of Ice Storm-Resistant Urban Tree Populations

A guide to Native Plants of the NYC Region.

Article: Battlefront in the front yard
Its about veggie gardening - we were thinking of using our side yard in this capacity; food for thought over the winter.

As of now we're considering a Zelkova or White Spire Birch but not sure with much of the above links weighing in.   Wish we could find an index of these How-Tos for various trees...

How to Grow and Maintain a Healthy Birch Tree