Christmas 2012

From Burt Wolf Christmas Traditions

"... red and green are always the colors of  Christmas and Christmas foods. Red is for warmth and
brightness; green is the promise that the leaves of the trees will return in the spring."
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Holiday cards hung on a banner in the dining room.
Cooking the cranberries & currrants

Rosemary centerpiece in a milk bottle
Yum, Quorn!
Quorn Turky Roast
Rye bread stuffing

Rosemary mashpotato

Linen napkins dress up the silverware &
contrasts the charger and porcelain plate

Christmas pop-up record album sleeve.

 sleepy boys
A few days after Christmas day we had the stump from the big tree ground into a mulch pile
 - after we moved the mulch out of the way it began to snow so we made a snow family, cats too.

snow cats