Last of the Sandy Damage

Well, the last of the Hurricane Sandy Damage to our trees is finally cleaned up.  The township picked up the small piles at the beginning of the week and Rich Tree Service cut down and took the rest yesterday.  The stump will be ground after the soggy ground dries out.  The siding and roofing estimates continue... insurance is such a hassle.  So very thankful and glad this all it is; we cannot begin to empathize enough for others, my goodness.
There was some rot but decided to take down the whole ash to mitigate overall risk since the bark began to swell, leak, and the tree was listing to one side... towards the house!  We'll plant anew in the spring.

Does anyone have thoughts for a not-too-dense shade tree that is also not overly fruit or nut messy, can handle a western sun, but also not terribly exotic so it retains a woodland appearance and is also a road-salt friendly shade tree?  
Quite the list but maybe Santa or you have an idea on how to fill that list.  
Thanks in advance if you do! 

more pics....

A few days after Christmas the stump was finally ground down.  
The mulch went to a few good homes for plants over the winter, the rest into a big pile out of sight that we'll distribute around the yard in the spring.

Then we made our snow family on the empty spot.