Even more gruesome! Trick or snow!!!

 Just when it couldn't get any more gruesome ... Trick or Snow!!!
Hide Henri!
Just a little sleet and snow started 2 days before Halloween...
The front yard looking left

front yard looking right
Then the snow got so heavy the poor witchhazel started to fall over!
So we built a little house made from a cardboard box and an old shower curtain.
Well it can't be too bad, here comes the mail.
 And it looks so pretty, the snow and the autumn leaves out back by the picnic table.
But then... 
 It got so much worse...
BAM!  (top right of pic below)
Out the bedroom window

Same window, different lighting

same window, different angle

opposite window

Outside the windows

View from the street

view from outside underneath the window
 Neighborhood the day after... luckily only lost power for 10 min.
For comparison, here's the before again...
... and aftermath... 

 Pic above is before clean up, bottom is after some clean up same day.
We spent hours with branch cutters and the chainsaw... still sore 2 days later.

This one branch is, guessing?, 30 ft long and laying on its side  is taller than 5'9".

 Pic below is the pic above marked up showing the branch dimensions & where it fell from.
Really going to miss this tree high above our home.
It was such a bewildering and crazy time - even the forsythia bloomed!
Autumn, Winter & Spring - all in two days!

Happy Halloween!