The Office - updated! (... yet again!!)

We really had thought rearranging the office was finally done.  The desk and the treadmill have better views out the windows, the speakers can pump down the hall if needed while cleaning, and the cat toy basket has a nice home in the corner.

But we went to an estate sale and found unexpectedly the piece to tie in all of the NYC maps and now truly have, not just a home office, but a Manhattan-styled corner office.

It's a Turner Wall Accessory, number 3879 T11 titled Brooklyn Bridge.  
It's the typical paper/poster-board Turner Wall Accessory's are known for but trying to look like wood inlay marquetry.  
Love it!

View from behind the desk.
A perfect addition to complement the wall of maps 
(from left to right) 1974 Manhattan Bus Map, 1958 Manhattan Tourist Map, 
and the 1975 New York Subway Guide Map.

This past post has been updated showing more great close-up details and peculiar perspectives of the maps.

View from the maps.
View out the window.