Portobello Burgers

A few weekends ago we just drooled watching Primal Grill on the Create Channel.  The episode called "Vegetarians on the Grill' was right up our alley... this is our variation on Steven Raichlen's Chipotle Portobello Burgers.
Marinating in the corningware.

Cooked bottom of the portabello

Layers top to bottom:  gloucester cheese, grilled poblano pepper,
jersey tomato, avacado, habenero & yellow squash marinade.

Our variation and more pics....

Instead of Chipotle peppers like the recipe calls for we made two batches of the marinade.

1. green = mild:  5 serrano peppers, 1/2 jalapeno (quartered, veins & seeds removed) + 1 green zuchini.
2. orange = spicy:  3 serrano peppers, 1 habenero pepper (as above) + 1 yellow zuchini.

mild mix in blender with 2 tbsp balsamic
Bowl of onion skins, seeds, and veins.
They're not kidding, keep some milk on hand!

Marinade from an hour to overnight if you can resist!

Poblano peppers are cooking back right & left.
On top we grilled some tofu.
Yum, tofu!

Softening up avacodo & grilling the tomato to top the burgers.

Grilled Jersey corn a summer staple.

Windmill in the azalea garden.

Chairs from the drug store about 10 years old
repainted black with plastic spray paint.

Catbird overseeing the yard.