More fun bits!

Another great weekend of cool finds!

A cute basket, tea cup set, pottery, winter holiday cards and decorations, plus other various bits ... 
...$12.00 total.
Close ups inside...... 

Fun booklet for tree ID

A bit like a choose your own adventure stories...

Very cool just even to ID the back yard more.

A cute hand sticked small table cloth

Small linen napkins for under vases
Cornucopia on a soft blue metal tray.
The blue is in our palatte so couldn't resist

A cutey tin or aluminium bird

Again, couldn't resist!

A nice set of greeting cards for the winter.
To the Bride tea cup & saucer by Paragon,
by appointment of her Majesty the Queen.

A really sweet looking set.

With a matching book on how to be a Bride...

Inside cover art of the bliss to come!

Cute holly candle wreaths - put away for now...

A cute goose or swan ornament.

The flowers of the month of August.

Reproduction De Mon Jardin Orginal, la-dee-dah!
Lord Nelson Pottery 7-73 England
Will be cute for hydrangeas and other flowers!
Bottom of jug pitcher.
A rustic brown jug for flower or other display.

Bottom of jug.
A cute twine / rope elephant ornament.

The end!