Terrarium advice & terrarium birthday theme

It has been a busy last few weeks...

First off, a formal thank you and hats off to The Fern & Mossery for taking the time to give incredibly thoughtful and inspiring advice for our terrarium troubles.  If you're having terrarium troubles, finding conflicting advice either online or in books on how-to terrarium, do check these tips and how-tos:

Proper Moss Placement
Ferns in Terrariums
Proper Temps in Terrariums

Ideally over Labor Day weekend we can take this all in and get the Ranch resettled with new green moss and ferns before autumn arrives.

In the meantime, despite being a little nutty lately, we did celebrate a terrific
terrarium themed birthday .....................................

Fern fronds (fake) and presents were attached to twine
in a glass cylinder (future terrarium).
Spoiler alert: the dirt
is really a new brown t-shirt!
Some of the strings weren't attached to presents, just ferns
and try-again messages like: Present-FAIL.  Brilliant! 
What fun!
(how BIG is that cat?!)

Other various August photos...
Cardinal over-watching the neighborhood

peek-a-boo bird

Who knew grasshopers liked nectar?

Bursting thistle


Silly boy

Sleepy boy