Hurricane Irene and the Mushrooms

... this post title doesn't have quite the ring of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars or Florence and the Machine...

Well, Irene isn't too blame really, most of this is just crap logs and Christmas trees from 1980 chucked into the woods by past owners that lived here that we've cleaned up in a previous post.   This is the last of it.

Each pile = a 3 cu ft wheel barrow dump.
It took two hours and we rented a Budget Rental truck to haul it away.  We also took bulk garbage to the dump with the truck.  It was so great to get rid of the old musty nasty carpet from the sun porch.  Since the town did away with bulk garbage drop offs due to budget cuts we used this opportunity to get rid of storm damaged house items from the hurricane.

Tidying up the forest is not nearly as cartoon glamorous as you'd think...
but then we ate the mushrooms and the birds, chipmunks and every forest creature of every kind suddenly all spoke to us and came over with brooms to help!

Boots and $hrooms, bring me so much joy... 

No, not really.

We didn't eat the mushrooms and you shouldn't either but for a good time go check out the New Jersey Mycological Association FUNGUS FEST!