Nate Berkus Show Update!

*An update to this post can be found here*

The episode of The Nate Berkus Show taping we went to on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) will be shown May 26th.  Read about and see our photos during the day of the taping by clicking here

The episode is called 'Schooled'.  Here are the episode details:

- Learn easy recipes you can master at home in Nate's Cooking School with Chef Cristina Ferrare! 
- Get your cooking down to a science with Chef Cristina Ferrare. Cristina shows everyone an easy recipe you can master at home in Nate’s Cooking School.
-Then, see how a house proud viewer restored a home in shambles and brought it up-to-date with little time and money.  
- Plus, find out what look is trending in your city and learn about how to social shop on line.
- And, Nate’s design class is in session—today’s lesson, bringing modern style to your home.

A quick recap:  We had a great time, got a copy Cristina Ferrare's book, won a t-shirt, met the family of the House Proud segment guest, and reconfirmed our modern style leanings.  Speaking of which more on the perfect couch drama will be posted soon!