Decorating for Halloween 2011

What a fun weekend this has been of reminiscing past Halloweens and decorating for our 4th Halloween here!

The leaves are really green still but with all the rain we've had and cooler temps on the way we should have a great time watching them change while out visiting the Somerset County Historical Weekend October 8th & 9th and the following weekend October 15th & 16th for the Union County Historical Weekend, Four Centuries in a weekend.  If you go and want to supplement your trip there's great historical maps on Rutgers Cartography Services website.

Here's our 2011 Halloween recipe for decorating...

First, mix wild coral mushrooms, emerald moss, and a blue jay feather...
Next, plick the wild flowers that deer won't eat 
(does anyone know what these are called?)
Add squash and bubbles
Then stir it together with crazy cats in a drawer!

This potion will show you how to decorate for Halloween in 2011!!!