Past Halloweens 2008 2009 2010

Past Halloweens....

Our first Halloween...
Trick or treat?
These haunting deer eyes are warning us not to mess with them!
(click to enlarge!)
 What better use for an old stump in the yard?
 Old scraggly bushes and such oddly pruned azaleas when we moved in.
& then, the Great Pumpkin brought us snow!
We didn't do much else because we were so busy painting,
ripping up old carpet, still finding homes for stuff, etc.

Halloween 2009
We finally decided to start part 1 of our front garden renovation.
 The kids trick-or-treating thought we were doing some grave digger skit.
We put the candy bowl on the stump so they could just take it and we could work.
Our elderly neighbor quoth a quizicial riddle for us to contemplate...
"Ah, handing out and planting candy, I see, eh?"
Aw, what a friendly old man just winking and grinning at us...
Call before you dig (the yellow flags mark the gas line) especially on Halloween!

  We kept the big pine tree and two of the existing azaleas (just a slight prune)
Next we added a row of dwarf boxwood to frame it and "fence" the azalea.
How ironic a term!
.. and then at night we did some decorating inside too.

Halloween 2010
Finally!  Most house projects are done
(if you snickered you own a house)
giving us ample time to relax and be in the moment of Halloween
so we decided to go all out and decorate!
Woah, come back!
Didn't mean to scare you - there's nothing inflatable in the lawn.

We went with a theme - mad scientist laboratory!
*wring hands*

 The living room used to have a parlor design
with matching brass tea carts for end tables.
We added azaleas thinking if there were existing ones
then they must be deer proof.
Its three year into the deer wars for our azalea candy.
The solution:
Put netting over them like a bandana, fold over, tuck, & zip-strip at the base
then mulch the base to assure no one gets trapped up inside
like a chippie or a bird.
Homemade snake wreath
A mad, mad library!
Phrenology image decoupaged into an old frame.
Palmography poster & The Book of Hand

Mad, I tell you!  Mad for Shabby Chic!
Shabby Chic Maaaaad!

The back yard, left side

right side... 
An impressive stag came to visit the bird feeders
This poor pumpkin got its guts stuffed into our mailbox.
Such very polite pranksters in our neighborhood,
leaving the remainder in a plastic bag by the curb.