Winter 2011

Photos of Winter decorating 2011

The foyer...

more photos...........

A home-made ribbon wreath chandelier

The family room
 A branch from our fallen tree holding mercury glass ornaments & crystals

 Acorn caps glued to grey velvet to make acorns are above in a mercury glass bowl

 Paper white bulbs in bloom

The kitchen
 A festive banner to display our holiday cards against

Pink feathers and pink Heather

The dining room
 A wonderful find!  Hand made table cloth with reindeer
 Pine trees...
 Squirrels and holly bushes

Mr. & Mrs. Claus safe on the library table
 Our turkey-free Quorn roast for a wonderful turkey curry feast!

A fight over Tiffanys... the bag anyway...

Crazy ass Cindy Adams

& More...

 A great nap!

The sun-porch is only 3 season and this is not the season to be without a snuggle buddy unless you have a coat of warm bunny fur.

...Or a wool blanket.