Various pewter cups... and one bowl

Fun engraved pewter cups and one bowl found at various estate sales, displayed on our Union Jack table. Perfect conversation pieces to hold flowers and other decorative bits throughout the year.
Click the photos for enlarged views as the engraving is impressive.
Kittatinny Club - D.C. Seymour - Dec. 2, 1911
printed directly opposite handle
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Kittatinny Club handle
see-thru-bottom - stamped "Manning Bowman & Co. 143"
Pals Cabin
Pals Cabin handle
solid bottom - stamped "made in england"
The Boys Club - First Prize - Sept. 1900
Boys Club Reverse

See-thru-bottom printed:
Pat Appl'd For
Pat Feb 16, 1898
Reed & Barton, 124
Holds a repurposed pump filled with makeup remover perfectly!
Happy 30th Birthday September 24th 1963
Happy 30th Birthday
see-thru-bottom - stamped The Worcester Silver Co. Inc.
New York & London, Made in England, 5.21, English Pewter
"R" printed directly opposite handle
"R" handle
"R" handle bottom - guessing at stamp
"E. Robison Australian...." continued in next photo
".... Milaicn St. Chelnca???"
"R" handle - stamps on left side of handle
4 stamps total?
"R" handle - stamps on right side of handle
3 Shield Symbol M
Fox handle cup with see-thru-bottom

Bottom stamped - Sheffield English Pewter, Made in England

Bowl marked "Point O' Woods...
.... Pentathlon"
Symbol on front of the bowl,
a winged woman standing on the top of the world

Reverse - "Point O Woods Pentathlon"
Bottom stamped - Gorham E.P. Y0779

what fun mottled reflections!

full monty