Best chairs ever

One of the pluses when we moved into a house was finally being able to go to estate sales and buy stuff vs. wishing we could nail stuff to the ceiling in our one bedroom apartment.

These perfect chairs were one of our first successful diamonds in the rough.  I didn't see them online and I couldn't see the joie de vivre either in-person but damn, do they have it and that's why she's got the vision... plus, two chairs for $40, who could argue!  Not me!

This, by the way, was one of the most serendipitous days ever.  On the way home we stopped by a yard sale on a whim and found, not only the fabric to cover it ...
... but also a matching bench that we could also cover with the left over fabric.  
But wait, there's more!
At the same awesome yard sale we found not only the perfect fabric for the chairs and the bench but also found this awesome chandelier to replace the etched-glass pineapple brass light we had before in the foyer.

The great brass door knocker came from Lee Valley

& speaking of great chairs... we have a bit of a chair problem but we keep it in check rather well so it's not like it's a real problem per se like our tupperware matching lid problem. 

Pairs are hard to come by at $40 a pair.  However, there's lots of great ones-ies for under $40 out there and it's really difficult not to have a whole house full of chairs.  Infact, recently at the library we borrowed 50 Chairs that Changed the World (here's a slide show of 10 good ones) and we could easily write this book 10 times over I fear.  Infact, this is where we appreciate our mental health not to be on an episode of Hoarders... case in point, the "diggers delight" estate sale we went to that was surprising well organized.
While their basement was full of various other mailboxes and many copies of the same record, I'd have 50 chairs per room myself... on a good day and given the right medication.  

Anyways... here's some other good chairs we've adopted and created a good home for on our three-season sun porch.

The white rocker on the left has a brass Stickley bros. plate on the bottom, found on the side of the road during bulk trash day; the fabric seat cover is updated with an old table cloth we had at the apartment from Target.  

The brown wood chair back right with the green fabric was also found on the side of the road during bulk trash day.  It has the cutest carved heart on one of the arm rests, I oughta take a photo and add it.  

& finally the pale light shabby-chic-green rocker was $20 at an estate sale which we just had to pick up because it matched the round table's hue perfectly as if the can of paint had been shared between two different crafters.  

and finally... The Harvard Chair.
Again, also at an estate sale, to which I was told these normally retail for the low-low price of $400, but we're only asking $50 on the 1/2 day of sale price of $100.  

How about $35? ... Sold!

Sit on this... I made 'em change out two twentys... how's that for vision?