Upclose & personal in the nitty gritty

Hidden friends in the yard at the end of last summer... click to zoom each picture.  

& this is why we don't feed our grass, use insecticide or weed killer.  We love our salamanders, amphibians, insects, bugs, and other friends.  If you are going to help your plants add natural products, lime or sulfur as appropriate, to the type of plants you have, i.e. Lilacs vs. Azaleas.  And if you need to get mold off your deck or siding, just use a water only power-washer, you don't need chemicals.  & if you don't like moss under your toes, move it and create a habitat where it can thrive.  Live and enjoy your yard or your home for what you have, after all, your home should be all about location, location, location.  Remember, it's easier to measure twice and cut once so keep or add value to your home, nature takes a long time to come back if you remove it.  You can't make an elephant be a goldfinch... they're both cute but both have their own proper place. 

Please visit the Amphibian Ark for more information.  
Just a bunch of rocks and dirt, right?
Nope!  There's a frog!

Please visit the Amphibian Ark for more information for how you can help!
Click on this image to see some serious freckle-face action, this guy is sooo cool!

Man, that car can shine when it's waxed.
Like putty in my hands!

While the face is out of focus, I loved the body texture in this shot, click to zoom to see the segments!

In a few more weeks, the skies the limit!