If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire

On it's own it's a great song but to go as far and put any song so full-body lyrically amazing under a microscope with an exacto knife, this is one to do it with, to really revel and see that Thoreau marrow.  So sorry Jay-Z (thank you too!) sorry Aesop Rocks, sorry Tool, but one of my fav music blogs for all things real music recently featured this disecction so I had to share.   It is quite 'a mother' and yes, 'ain't it funky' indeed?   

Very well done post.  It is a sound by sound break down on this classic Beastie Boys song and it is most impressive.  An awesome post, thank you.  This pairs like the ultimate drink & food with this analysis lyric by lyric.

If you don't know it, here... and we're on the go...

... btw this isn't to be confused with (but I find it odd that in all the lyrics and this analyis there's not even a hat-tip to, Louis Armstrong - Shadrack.  Ripped from record this evening, enjoy!
p.s. Dear Decca Records,
Why the 'k' vs the 'h'?