Halloween 2012

Halloween decorating 2012
more Halloween 2012 decoration photos...

A simple wicker wreath woven with toy snakes
spray painted out black.

The trick to the deer not carving your pumpkin
is to spray it with gloss.


A dramatic spray of branches.

Old post cards printed and deco'd to small
black wood blocks.

Nail-heads make a great craft.

The family room mantle.

Collection of spools make great displays.

Jar of skulls and spiders.

Ah, good ol'Alfred...
A great Halloween movie tradition for us is Hitch's black comedy,
featuring Shirley MacLaine's debut,
The Trouble with Harry.

The sphere floating out of this box is really
 a glass paperweight.

Sleepy Henri on a warm Autumn day...

The living room.

Simon checks out the velvet pumpkins.

These cast iron Persimmons are just ripe.

Spooky mystery reading at the ready.
Where's my tea?

Terrariums and spooky snowglobes on the sideboard.

The dining room.

More persimmons & pumpkins.

The dogwood has started to change.

Spaghetti and acorn squash.

Sit still please so I can get a quintessential
black cat and pumpkin photo.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Happy Halloween!