Weekend Journey through the Past - Somerset County

These are our photos from this past weekend visiting sites of the Weekend Journey through the Past in Somerset County NJ.  This was our 3rd year and finally have seen every site, including the 4 new additions this year.  We're really looking forward to starting over next year again!
Queen's Bridge going into South Bound Brook

Enjoy the pics!
Saturday Oct 13th - 

Brook Arts Center (Brook Theatre), 10 Hamilton St., Bound Brook, NJ 08805

One of several large lobby mirrors.

If only our teen selves could see us back
here again so many years later.
They're playing Rocky Horror Picture Show
again too, talk about a time warp!

Lobby light

Looking into the theatre.

Now that is a ceiling.
Hallway light
Carved ceiling detail.

Old Millstone Forge, Blacksmith Shop & Museum, 9 North River St., Millstone, NJ 08844
Still an active furnace, they make replacement parts
for the county historical sites.

A photo of the old blacksmith - who was also
constable and judge.

Replacement horse shoes for the regular customers.
This is our favorite stop on the tour;
here we learned the most - relevant perspective to frame
our thinking to today's lifestyles, the principles to
society then and now, plus - plenty of
great action and tools out to see and touch.

 Driving down the D&R canal from East Millstone towards Griggstown & Rocky Hill.
I think every year this annual event gets perfect weather.

 Some random tractors on the way...

 First Reformed Church, 91 Washington St., Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
Picturesque hamlet just north of Princeton.

 Amy Garrett House, 62 Washington St., Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
Greek Revival architecture, one of our favs.

Nearby were old terracotta factories that created the facade
for the Woolworth building - infact, 40% of the terracotta
used in NYC on many other famous landmarks.
An old photo of A&P - Lard .17, yick.

Many of the sites have cut-aways showing
 the construction of the frame.
The ceilings didn't feel so low...

... but like the windows to the ceiling look.

Upstairs to the old doctor's office.

 Dirck Gulick House, 506 County Rd. 601, Belle Mead, NJ 08502

There's a great archive and photos inside. 
Decorative molding to shape out the beams since there
wasn't a ceiling.

Beautiful silk wedding dress.

Detail of the neck.

 Andrew Ten Eyck House, 671 Old York Rd., Branchburg 08876
One of our favorite stops on the tour.

Library and archives.

Slate roof detail.

Details on the old stove.

Love love love the patina and framed levels
of the doorways.
Sled propped against the doorway
looking into the parlour.
They have an antique sale at this site for a fundraiser and we got this great antique sled... big red bow coming soon!  Love the worn wear of the wood and the pegs.  The only metal is on the sled runners.

 Wyckoff-Garretson House, 215 South Middlebush Rd., Somerset, NJ 08873
One nice restroom!
But this is what we came to see.
Bigger than it seems looking outside.

Dancing on the stairs.

Tavern tools.

Sunday Oct 14th -

Washington Rock Park, 1 Rock Rd. West, Green Brook, NJ 08812

 Manhattan and the new Freedom Tower in the background

Rutgers New Brunswick stadium in the distance ...
and photo bombed by a dragonfly!
The Outerbridge and the Verazano Bridge.

 The Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook, 409 Mountain Ave., Bound Brook, NJ 08805

This church has amazing architecture and
Tiffany Glass.
Looking up at the alter, massive organ on the left.
Just love the details on the cross beams and arches.

An impressive balcony.

Windows at the rear of the seating area.

Looking from the pulpit / lectern towards the doors.

Glass in the upper balcony.

There's something about the hand
but couldn't hear the guide;
here are some close-ups.