New oil paintings and coffee table

Some days when you're not looking for something there comes a day you find exactly what you're not looking for... plus, the thing you were actually looking for; niiice!
Recently we found these lovely oil paintings by the same person, Jean Gianni of Nutley, at a sale in the Flemington area near the Hunterdon County Arboretum.

One is a nature scene with a tender house in autumn on a canal; maybe our local D&R?   The frame is home-made of wood panels.
The other is a still life of a stoneware pitcher with a peck of cherries on a table cloth. 
While we weren't in the market for paintings - the subject matter, the style, and the novice expertise captured both of us - so, we picked them up.  Also, the price compared to what we've seen retailed in various antique places was a steal.  We think we could totally outsmart Bob and Miller and the rest of the crew on Market Warriors

What we did have on our list though was a new coffee table on the Sun Porch.  The same day we found the paintings we stumbled on our way home across this ship-hatch coffee table that was just perfect for the sunporch.  It has a perfect sense of natural shabby yet mod-ish to go so well with the sectional from West Elm and all the other bits out there.  

& these metal mini-jello molds or cupcake tins are perfect for reflecting and shimmering tea lights.
Regular tea lights
Jumbo tea lights
Missing chocolate icing but still so very sweet.
A few weeks prior we found this solid wood work table that we're using in a side-board capacity or any other role one can dream up for a solid sturdy table.

Henri, he's such a gentleman.