London Day 2

London Day 2
Noon in London.
While the flowers are blooming here in London more than they were at home before we left,
... we're here on the coldest day in London since 1986.

Photos on the way to Jubilee Market
Twinings Tea on the Strand
Royal Mews
outside Westminster Abbey (closed due to Commonwealth Day)
Big Ben, Parliment
Boat cruise on the Thames
Tower Bridge & Tower of London
More photos...
Trafalgar square lions

Charing Cross Station
Charing Cross Station
Close up of Charing Cross Station monument

Creative topiary
Reminds me of something?
Royal Mail
Jubilee Market near the Strand
Coventry Market
Twinings Tea for some history & tea tasting.

Twinings Fancy Canisters Christmas 1938

Looking over a napkin in the hall of teas.
Fresh brew sample options
Sampling select tea blends only available here.

a Bansky?

We went to the Royal Mews and to see changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace despite all the flurries and snow... but skipped it all when hearing from the docents that the Queen would be at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day observance.  We hurried down Birdcage Walk and noticed not much traffic despite the Abbey being closed for the day... a quick google revealed she wasn't still feeling well.  Damn... no sign of Sir Branson either... onto Big Ben...
Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and Parliment

Boat tour down the Thames to the Tower of London

Tate Modern and Millineum Bridge

The Shard...
The Shard...
The Shard...
London Assembly Building
Tower Bridge
The middle of top of tower bridge

The Tower of London - home of the crown jewels...
no photos allowed :-(
Facing the river ... "Entry to the traitors gate"

Gates to the Tower of London
A Royal Guard outside the entrance to
where the Crown Jewels are housed.