London - Day 4

London Day 4
Visit to the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace changing of the guards, the Household Cavalry,
& The Queen's Gallery.
Westminster Abbey - including a sneaky photo of Darwin's grave (no photos allowed!)
Big Ben, Parliment views
Prestat Chocolate, on the way to visit Fortnum & Mason
Flowers in Kensington Garden
Evening trip out to Liberty of London & the famous Argyle Pub
more photos ...

Very serious Royal Guards standing watch

the balcony where we see the royals wave,
smile and kiss is just as romantic in person

The flag flying means the Queen is IN!

So cold but so happy

Do do do doooooo! (Yes I was also making the horn sound)

All Royal Guards are assembled in front of the palace and the official royal music begins...song sounds familiar...no it is not "God Save the Queen"... it is "Hot Stuff"by Donna Summer. 

Even the Royal fire truck is pretty and now on to the Queen's Gallery for the only chance to enter Buckingham Palace

Click link for the story of this amazing painting: "Massacre of the Innocents"
by Pieter Bruegel the Elder c. 1565-67

One of the many pubs on the way but I cannot help and stop for anything with feathers

It stopped snowing just as we arrived at Westminster Abbey

Sneaky pocket pic of Darwin's burial site. 

The main entry to Westminster Abbey

What luck to happen upon the Silver Jubilee path! Those are my feet also from 1977

Giant entry way for official Parlimentary business

The Prince of Wales Arcade, I stopped due to the feathers again

and found the store that my cats ordered me presents from a few months ago, Prestat Chocolate (by appointment to the Queen of course--they have only the best taste)

Beautiful Prince of Wales Feathers, love it, love it, love it

Having childish fun in the very proper elevator at Fortnum & Mason

I wish those hats were for me

Okay daffodils will certainly do and some sunshine was a real treat!

We would not mind living in this cottage right in Hyde Park

So pretty and green, all of the grass in London is this green inspite of all the snow and cold

Liberty of London in it's fabulous tutor glory, am I really here? 

Hat Department!! 

Five hundred and fifty pounds on my head...that's about eight hundred and forty adorable flowery dollars

More feathers and another fun elevator

Taking turns drooling over antiques and the woodwork

Beautiful center of the store where you can see up and down

One of the many surprise carvings to be found around this lovely store

Memorial Wall
View from the 3rd floor down the the first floor scarf room
Just a short walk up a cobblestone road we find a great pub for dinner
Had a nice time wondering if Mr. Orwell dreamed up "Shooting an Elephant"or "Animal Farm" sitting here. London is so inspiring with all of its history lurking in every dark corner and cool signs for everything