London Day - 5

London Day 5 -
To Paddington Station for a visit with Paddington Bear.
Bus trip to London Bridge past St Pauls Cathedral
Bridget Jones House above the Globe Pub
Boat ride to Royal Observatory, Greenwich to stand on the Prime Meridian.
Visit to All Hollows Church by the Tower of London.
An unexpected surprise at Selfridges Department Store after another fruitless trip to an antique market.

more pics...
one of our oldest friends

Front seat top level of the double decker bus, best views and heated!!
Stuff along the way...
every pub has to display their license to sell intoxicating liquor just like this one

Decorative tiles under all the ledges of this building another example of rewarding attention to detail all over London
The Queens Head Pub

St Pauls Cathedral

The Shard from London Bridge
On London Bridge looking at Tower Bridge

London Bridge sign

The Globe Pub - aka - Home to Bridget Jones
This place is just as cute in person as in the movie! Even with the new giant bridge in front. 

Is that Bridget Jones? No it's ME! I'm really here!
Bridge Jones Address: 8 Bedale Street

Crooked stairs down from London Bridge to the ferry terminal.
Various buildings around The Monument
Close up of the Monument.
Adventures of feet waiting for the ferry.

Ferry to Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Cute Pub in Greenwich offering Traditional Pie & Mash...
... with Eels!!!
Don't even know what this sign says...
Crocus!  So glad to see them here and maybe in about a month at home

Not sure what this dead looking fake parrot means...
Cute Greenwich Tavern.
A view towards the river from the very steep path to the Observatory.

Measurement benchmark standards.
The Prime Meridian

5 minutes to noon on the Greenwich Marker
A view of Greenwich, in the distance the financial district
O2 Arena
Herringbone brick walkways.
An old boot scraper.
Ceiling constellation of Leo
Ceiling constellation of Scorpio
Historical display of dining life.
Naked clock

Octagonal Room

Original year-going movement 
32 inch quadrant

Harrison's first timekeeper, back

Prime Meridian

Clock marked in tens.

Decorated portable telescopes

Map of Greenwich showing the Meridian

Zero degree laser beam.
Tourists in 1931
Daffodils and boxwood

Looking back up the hill at the Observatory
Massive ship in a bottle

Maritime Greenwich area

The Shard...

Financial area
Random buildings with interesting architecture on the river boat trip back...

Stopping back at the Tower Bridge to visit All Hallows Church.

The Shard....

All Hallows Church...
a tiny door...the Alice in me must open it, but no it is locked

a second tiny door is sadly also locked, but wonderland is behind the next door

7th century archway

Second Century Roman pavement under the church! Amazing to see!

Display jars in the crypt.

John Quincy Adams marriage document
Queen Elizabeth's signature
William Penn dedication. The left corner was blown off during a war bombing.
By hand and hammer all arts do stand
tiny private chapel for reflection

It is like walking through a friendly dungeon

Back of All Hallows Church

Cute street sign

Visiting Trafalgar square

Smallest police station now just a storage closet. Thanks to Samantha Brown for pointing this out!

World's small police station. I missed it the first time!

Pigeon dance

Big Ben in the distance, how the weather changes in London...
Big Ben...a second later
For Big Ben...
Views of craziness in Picadilly Circus

Cute Tea shop on the way to visit an antiques market
The Bee Gees slept and composed here.
Front of Selfridges Department Store

Met the author and got a signed copy...
can't wait to see this on PBS soon!

Sunset in Kensington Park