Rewards of coincidence

We're on vacation in London - I turn on the laptop this morning to start searching some more about this great city - so many incredible places to see, too many more things to do - and what is the Google homepage?  A tribute to Douglas Adams!
But for sincere coincidence I brought along for reading on the plane at last minute my 1988 paperback version of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - a very well traveled, dog-eared, stained, and often-read version of the book - who's central premise is about... the interconnectedness of things!

Douglas Adams humor and clever word play are delectable enough but it was his thoughts and ideas that were an absolute safe-habor for many of my own young suspicions about life, the universe, and everything while growing up.  I took away such a satisfyingly feeling of "no, don't worry, you're not crazy - it'll all be explained proper to you one day" that was 180 degree counterculture to everything I was exposed and taught to learn that seemed inexplicitly very unnatural, incorrect, and wrong.   I have revisited countless times Dirk's adventures in holism and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of four books, not just for entertaining escape from a contorted reality, but as reassuring, contemplative, meditative havens - these books for me are True canon.

So, coincidence?  Meh - doesn't mean anything.  But when it does happen - it is so incredibly rewarding to see all this chaos is connected - & especially while on holiday!  What a gift!